These small steps can change your life

These small steps can change your life
These small steps can change your life

A person has some problems in life. Some small remedies in astrology can solve such problems. Learn from Jyotishacharya Vibhor Indusut, these measures which can change your life.

If there are obstacles in every work in life, then recite ‘Sankatashak Ganesh Stotra‘ daily. Life’s obstacles will disappear.
If diseases do not leave you, then offer six fruits to Lord Ganesha every Wednesday. Your health will be good

If you are unable to get a job even if you try, then regularly offer black rose-berries to Ganesh Ji on Wednesday.
Every Wednesday, to increase the conscience of children and to succeed in education, offer two laddoos of boondi to Lord Ganesh from the hands of children.

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For good performance in an interview, chant a garland of ‘Vighneshvarai Namah’ mantra and go home. You will get good results.

If you are unable to get married, then women should offer Besan ladoos to Ganesha on Wednesday, and men should offer white sweets to Lord Ganesha.

If the problem of debt is increasing, then regularly offer pomegranate fruit to Lord Ganesha every Wednesday.

  • Put a picture of Ganesha on both the front and back above the main gate of your office or business place (factory, company). This will remove all the negative energies from the office and increase the performance.
  • If you have more problems of hesitation or are unable to present yourself, then offer Durva and Motichoor laddu to Lord Ganesha every Wednesday. would benefit.
  • If any government work is hindering or there is a problem of court-court, then offer pomegranate fruit to Lord Ganesha on Wednesday. There will be positive changes.

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