Covid-19 News: Highest rate of corona infection in Meghalaya

Covid-19 News: Highest rate of corona infection in Meghalaya
Covid-19 News: Highest rate of corona infection in Meghalaya

The gap between the coronavirus ‘Covid-19‘ infection to be completely free and active cases has increased to more than one lakh in the country and the former state of Meghalaya ranks first in terms of infection prevention. The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare said on Saturday that the rate of infection in Meghalaya is 89.1 percent in the country. There are a total of 48 cases of coronavirus infection in this state, out of which five are currently active and 42 are completely disease-free. One person has died here.

The country currently has 5,15,922 cases of corona virus infection, of which 1,99,399 are active. As many as 3,00,648 corona-infected people have become disease-free in the country, increasing the scope between active cases and those who have become infected with infection to 1,01,249. 15,817 people have died due to corona infection.

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Rajasthan 78.8 percent in second in terms of rate of infection, Tripura 78.6 percent on third, Chandigarh 77.8 percent on fourth, Madhya Pradesh 76.4 percent on fifth, Bihar 75.6 percent on sixth, Andaman Nicobar 72.9 percent on seventh, Gujarat 72.8 on eighth. Percentage is Jharkhand at 72.8 percent and Chhattisgarh at 10.9 percent at tenth position.

In terms of the number of infection-free people, Corona ranks first in the worst-case state of Maharashtra, where 65,829 out of 1,52,765 confirmed cases are active and 79,815 have become disease-free. 7,160 people have died due to infection in the state.

Tamil Nadu ranks second in terms of the number of disease-free people, where 44,094 people have become infected. Delhi ranks third with 47,091 infection-free patients.

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