Car will be unlocked with iPhone Face ID, key will be able to share

Car will be unlocked with iPhone Face ID
Car will be unlocked with iPhone Face ID

If you use the iPhone, you will now be able to open the car lock without the key. On 22 June, Apple opened its annual Worldwide Developers Conference. During this event, the company has revealed several new features of iOS 14. Apple revealed a unique feature that relates to your car. The company has clarified that the iPhone will come with a car option which will be seen first in the 2021 BMW Series-5. 

Send your car key to anyone

With the help of this new technology, the user will just have to place the iPhone on the charging pad and press the engine start and stop buttons. The most interesting thing in this is that the owner of the car can share this unlock system with any iPhone user. You can send the keys of your car to anyone via iMessage on iPhone. Apart from this, you will also be able to set a limit on how long someone can use your car.

Privacy feature

Through Apple’s new app privacy feature, users will be able to monitor whether an app is sharing their location data or any personal information. Also, it will be possible to find out if an app has access to the iPhone’s mic or camera. If any app is sharing data, an alert will be received through the indicator on the user’s screen. With the new feature, you can limit your location information.

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The new iOS version made several changes to the interface, including the app library and redesign widgets. It will have a picture-in-picture mode so that you can play the video above your screen. A translation app has also been added to iOS 14, which will facilitate translation in two different languages. The new update will include several messaging experiences that the new Memoji offers, including face mask support.


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