Abhishek Bachchan shares ‘Happy New Year’ shooting experience, said this about Shahrukh Khan and Farah

Abhishek Bachchan shares 'Happy New Year' shooting experience, said this about Shahrukh Khan and Farah
Abhishek Bachchan shares 'Happy New Year' shooting experience, said this about Shahrukh Khan and Farah

Bollywood actor Abhishek Bachchan has completed his 20 years in the film industry. He has been sharing his two decades of travel experience for the last few days. They have now shared experiences from the shooting of the 2014 film Happy New Year. Along with this, he has praised Shahrukh Khan and Farah Khan. 

Sharing an Instagram post, Abhishek Bachchan wrote, “A film with my favorite people. Farah discussed with me the idea of ​​the film Happy New Year after ‘Main Hoon Na’. I felt that it did not work and she started working with Om Shanti Om. When Farah and Shah Rukh decided to make ‘Happy New Year’, I was the first actor to sign it.

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#RoadTo20 Year-2014 #HappyNewYear A film filled with some of my most favourite people. @farahkhankunder had discussed the idea of HNY with me soon after Main hoon na. I guess it didn’t work out then and she went on to make #OmShantiOm ( she had me in a cameo in the film too ). When they ( @iamsrk and Farah ) finally decided to make Happy new year I was the first one in line to sign up. It was such a happy film and one of the most memorable and fun shoots I’ve ever been a part of. Never ever did Shah or Farah differentiate between any of the actors. We were all one BIG gang! The outdoor in Dubai at the magnificent Atlantis hotel was like staying in a college dorm, and Farah was the headmistress/matron trying to discipline and herd this unruly bunch of kids ( yes, @boman_irani you too!! ) I didn’t even realise when we started and finished the shoot. It was such a happy unit for such a happy film. Each actor counted themselves so lucky to be a part of such an extravagant production. Smiles and laughter everyday. We worked together, played (FIFA) together, worked out together, ate together, travelled together, rehearsed together, went out together and partied together. The only thing we didn’t do ( thank god) was sleep in the same room together ( Farah isn’t at her best early in the morning 🤣). All of this was only possible due to the leadership, friendship and largesse of Shahrukh. He selflessly allowed us to hop onto the HNY express and took us on one of our most memorable journeys. I can go on and on about the cast, the crew/production and our experience. I feel a true measure of a wonderful memory is that it always brings a smile to your face when you think about it; and when I think about the time we made Happy New Year I ALWAYS smile. I will never be able to thank Shah and Farah enough for making me a part of this film, ever. Teem Diamond forever! #NanduBhideDimaagMeKeede @deepikapadukone @boman_irani @sonu_sood @therealvivaanshah @apnabhidu @sarahjanedias @anupampkher I love you all.

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“It was a happy film and the funniest shoot of my life.” Shahrukh and Farah never discriminated against any actor. We stayed at the luxurious Atlantis Hotel in Dubai. There it felt as if we were staying in a college hostel and Farah is our headmistress who is trying to discipline the unruly children. Yes, Baman Irani was also involved in this.

The actor further wrote, “I have absolutely no idea when the shooting started and when it was over. Every actor was feeling lucky to be a part of this production. We used to smile and laugh everyday. We used to do rehearsals, hang out and party together. There is only one thing in it (thank God) that what we did not do together is to sleep together in the same room. ”

Abhishek Bachchan praised Shahrukh Khan. He said that all this was possible only due to Shahrukh’s leadership, friendship and descent. I think any memory is beautiful when you think about it and a smile comes on your face. I will never be able to thank Shahrukh and Farah for making me a part of this film.

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